Introduction to OpenVolunteerPlatform

Open Platform for Rapid Development of Volunteer Management Systems


The OpenVolunteerPlatform allows you to automate and optimize volunteer work for your organization or charity so that volunteers can deliver help when needed.

Platform helps connect people in need with volunteers who can provide support, while adhering to social-distancing measures. It keeps individuals safe and out of danger, while alleviating the pressure on public services, the healthcare infrastructure, and other services that provide essentials to those in need during crisis.

Platform facilitates organizational flexibility by offering a ready to use reference implementation containing volunteer and admin applications, as well as tools to organize and schedule volunteer work. It eases the customization of reference implementations for your own use cases and integrations, by using an autogenerated and secure backend along with client-side components that wrap your data.

By empowering communities to collaborate through software, our volunteers can easily organize the collection and delivery of goods while practicing effective social distancing.

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Open Volunteer in action:

OpenVolunteer Demo

Are you interested in deploying OpenVolunteer for your organization feel free to reach out to us for free training sessions.

Reference implementation


OpenVolunteerPlatform provides reference admin and volunteer applications that can be used to help on a national or regional scale.